IFIS&IZ wishes a blessed and happy Hijri New Year 1435

On the occasion of the Hijri New Year also known as the Islamic New Year IFIS&IZ wishes that the new year brings to all Muslims and to all mankind healthy, happyness, peace and justice.

The Islamic New Year is an occasion to remember to the Hijra, which is the migration of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his followers from Mecca to Medina. In Medina the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) was welcomed in an atmosphere of love and friendhip.

The migration (hijra) marks one of the major events in Islamic history and is not just the beginning of Islamic calendar but also of a new civilization. Generally and today, for muslims the Hijra is considered as the migration from the bad to the good and from proscribed to desired act.

With this in mind IFIS&IZ wishes in the event of the Hijri New Year that all bad in the world turns to good and beautiful.

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