IFIS&IZ Publications is pleased to announce the release of Prof. Dr Hüseyin İlker Çınar’s new book “Transformation of jurisprudential norms of Arabs in the early Islamic time. Portrayed in the light of Muslim adī-literature” [original German title: „Transformation rechtlicher Normen beiden Arabern in der frühislamischen Zeit. Dargestellt im Lichte der muslimischen Überlieferungsliteratur“]. The new book with 430 pages marks a new series of „Studies on Islamic Jurisprudence (fiqh)”, in which academic contributions and researches will be published. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin İlker Çınar (Founding Director of the IFIS&IZ) has made significant contributions and filled research gaps in the areas of Quranic Sciences, Quranic Exegesis and Sufism. In his new book, he investigates the relationship between Islamic Law and pre-Islamic customary law and to what extent Islam has adopted or withdrawn rules from the pre-Islamic customary law. A comparative study based on the adī-literature has been undertaken, which investigates the existing legal and juridical circumstances during the pre- and early Islamic period on the Arabian Peninsula. The book highlights, that knowledge about the customs and traditions are an essential premise to understand Islam and Islamic jurisprudence.



Hüseyin İlker Çınar
Transformation rechtlicher Normen bei den Arabern in der frühislamischen Zeit. Dargestellt im Lichte der muslimischen Überlieferungsliteratur
430 pages / Hardcover / 17,0 x 24,0 cm
Mannheim: IFIS&IZ Publications, 2018
Series: Studien zum islamischen Recht, vol. 1
ISBN 978-3-95888-001-6

Price: 32,90 EUR

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