IFIS&IZ: Primary school children of the Wilhem-Wund School discover the arts of calligraphy in KUDEM and IFIS&IZ

On the 17th of May a group consisting of primary school children and children from the crèche of the Wilhem- Wunsch School visited KUDEM to participate in a calligraphy workshop. Accompanied by Mrs. Rendler 29 children were welcomed in a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere. The group first had a tour through the building of KUDEM including the scientific library of the IFIS&IZ. The representatives of the IFIS&IZ answered to the questions of our young guests. Information were given about the background of the library, its importance and contribution. Some examples from the library have been shown to show the history of art in Muslim cultures establishing a link to the calligraphy workshop later in KUDEM.

With the universal language of arts, culture and science barriers shall be overcome and commonalities shall be accentuated. KUDEM stands for a mystical perspective of Islam which highlights the peaceful and harmonic together in society. In the foreground of the projects KUDEM is promoting arts, culture and science. The scientific part is through the promotion of the Institute for Islamic Studies and Intercultural Cooperation (IFIS&IZ). The overall project is guided and accompanied by honourable Prof. Dr. Hüseyinİlker Çınar (IFIS&IZ Mannheim, Chair for Qur’anic exegesis at the University of Osnabrück).

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