The expansion of the largest research library for Islamic theology in Europe is continuing despite all circumstance with joy and determination. The endeavour began ten years before under the leadership of the Founding Director of the IFIS&IZ honourable Prof. Dr Hüseyin İlker Çınar and has reached by today more than 70,000 books in six different languages. The research library collection includes today more than 70,000 books in six languages (Arabic, Turkish, Persian, German, English, and French). The collection encompasses the Islam related theological disciplines e.g. Quranic Exegesis (tafsīr), Hadīth, Islamic Law (Fiqh), Systematic Theology (kalām), Prophetic biography (sīra), History of Islam (tārīh al-islām), Islamic Mysticism (tasawwuf), Islamic Philosophy (falsafa) and Islamic ethics/moral (ahlāq).
Despite all circumstances, the project is pursued with joy and determination to achieve the target stock of 100,000 books. For this purpose, more than 40,000 books have been reordered according to their signature and the related academic discipline. In parallel, a new booklist has been deployed to expand existing stock.

KUDEM is a civil, charitable, and independent institution. The project of KUDEM is deployed and continued based on the purposeful initiative and engagement of its members, without any other financial support. We want to express our heartfelt thanks to all actual and future supports for their engagement. May this endeavour and other initiatives will be beneficial for the society and grant us the appreciation of Allah.