IFIS&IZ congratulates to all Muslims on the beginning of the Holy Three Months and the night of Raġāʾib

Monday 20th April 2015 ,which is the 1st Raǧab according to the Islamic calendar, marks the beginning of the Holy Three Months (Raǧab, Šaʿbān and Ramaḍān) which is considered among Muslims as the beginning of a particular blessed time.
The night of Raġāʾib (arab. lailat ar-Raġāʾib, türk. Regaib Kandili) introduces us to the Holy Three Months and will be celebrated during the night of 23th May 2015 (on the night of Thursday to Friday). The month of Raǧab and the night ofRaġāʾib are considered to be harbingers of the month of Ramadan – the sacred month of fasting. The Prophet (pbuh) used to repeat the following prayer: “O Lord, bless us Raǧab and Šaʿbān and lead us to Ramadan“. (Aḥmad b. Ḥanbal, al-Musnad, 1/259).
By recommending this prayer, the Prophet (pbuh) wanted to indicate and emphasize on the importance and meaning of these months. For the believer the months of Raǧab and Šaʿbānshall be a period of spiritual and physical preparation for the holy month of Ramadan, encouraging to a more intensive worship and supplication (ḏikr) seeking nearness to Allah. The Holy Three Months is a period in which worshipping (ʿibādāt) will be rewarded manifold, prayers are answered and sins will be forgiven. In the Islamic tradition the Holy Three Months are also considered as the highlight of charity, helpfulness and tolerance. Thus, we shall bargain from this opportunity and use our time in the best manner to turn to God and to strive for Good.

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