IFIS&IZ congratulates on the occasion of New Hijri 1436

According to the Islamic lunar calendar we are approaching the new Islamic year 1436 on coming Saturday 25th October, 2014. We congratulate all Muslims on this occasion and wish a new Hijri year which brings us an end of injustice, disputes and oppression. We hope the new Hijri brings us peace, justice, modesty and faith.
The new Islamic year remembers Muslims in the world on the Hijra (emigration) of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from Meccah to Medina, as He and His companions have been oppressed in His hometown in Meccah. In Medina the Prophet and His companions have been welcomed by the Muslims of Medina (Ansar) in friendship and gratitude. This was an occasion, which was the turmoil of the Islamic history as it marks not only the beginning of Islamic calendar but also the beginning of a completely new civilization.
According to Sufi understanding the emigration is also considered to leave bad and forbidden and to strive for good, beauty and permitted. Because the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) describes an emigrant as someone who ceases actions, which has been forbidden by Allah (cf. al-Buḫārī Īman, 4).
In this sense we wish everyone to take an example from the Ansar with being solidary, helpful and generous to each other and to our next. May the new Hijri year be an opportunity to experience our own emigrations from bad and forbidden to strive for the pleasure and closeness of Allah.

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