IFIS&IZ condemns the terror attack on the Atatürk Airport in Istanbul

Yesterday in the late evening three suicide bombers attacked the Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. Official sources confirmed 36 dead and more than hundred wounded. The terrorism shows again its true and misanthropic face. The attack happened during the holy month of Ramadan, in a time of special spiritual reflection and worship, a time of mercy and peace. Again we are speechless about the violence, cold blondeness, and pointless brutality.

The holy Qur’an, which has been revealed in the approaching Night of Majesty says: “whoever kills a soul […] it is as if he had slain mankind entirely (Sure 5: Surah AL-MA’IDAH – ayah 32).

In these hours our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the bereaved, wound, and the travelers’ families and relatives who are awaiting a life signal from their beloved ones.

IFIS&IZ, 29.06.2016

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