IFIS&IZ and KUDEM welcomed a senior delegation from Yerköy/Yozgat

A senior delegation from Yerköy/Yozgat was welcomed by the founder of the Culturhouse of European Muslims (KUDEM) and Institute for Islamic Studies and Intercultural Cooperation (IFIS&IZ) – home of Europe’s largest Islamic library, honorable Prof. Dr. Hüseyin İlker Çınar (University of Osnabrück – Chairholder for Quranic Exegesis). The delegation consisted of governor Nevzat Şenkök, city major Mehmet Ağaoğlu and his colleauges Salih Yılmaz and Cengiz Öztürk, and the leader of the Turkish-German Trade Platform and business man Gencay Koyunbaşoğlu.

The delegation expressed its appreciation and thanks to all the contributors of KUDEM and IFIS&IZ, especially to Honorable Prof. Dr. Çınar for the great services and achievements. In a pleasant atmosphere the delegation expressed its appreciation and desire to transfer such sophisticated institutions also to Yozgat and to benefit from the experiences in the field of science, arts and culture. Honorable Prof. Dr. Çınar stated that everybody shall benefit from these values and that he is always open to serve for the people and humankind. Related to this he stated that he supports talented students in their development of language skills, master and doctoral studies.

Prof. Dr. Çınar further declared that he fully supports to open Yozgat the scientific door to Europe. He considers this as a duty to his attachment to Yozgat and the region. After a tour through the facility presents have been exchanged the delegation have been seen off by Prof. Dr. Çınar and members of both institutions.

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