IFIS&IZ and KUDEM hosted a partnership meeting between the friendship cities Mannheim and Beyoğlu/Istanbul

On 7th December 2014, KUDEM and IFIS&IZ hosted a bilateral working meeting between the friendship cities of Mannheim und Beyoğlu/Istanbul. Highly ranked representatives of both cities, led by the first mayor of the city of Mannheim Dr. Peter Kurz and the mayor of the city of Beyoğlu Ahmet Misbah Demircan came together in the conference hall of KUDE…M. In an inviting ambience of the conference hall, which is decorated with the unique KUDEM collection of Islamic Arts, the representatives have exchanged  experiences and potential joint projects.

The delegation from Beyoğlu included several authorities from the councils of culture, international relations and urban development. Further also members of the city council from the AKP (Justice and Development Party) and CHP (Republican People’s Party) were part of the delegation. President of the Yunus-Emre-Institute Prof. Dr. Hayati Develi and the representative in Berlin Prof. Dr. Osman Faruk Akyol joined the delegation  of Beyoğlu at the visit of KUDEM and IFIS&IZ.

Prior of the meeting between the friendship cities the guests have been guided through the building of KUDEM and IFIS&IZ incorporated by an introduction to the concept of civil institutions, activities and projects. Mayor Demircan as well as President Prof. Dr. Hayati Develi were impressed and surprised about the accomplished progress so far, especially about the Islamic library and the services in the field of  arts and culture.

As institutions located in Mannheim KUDEM and IFIS&IZ welcomes the friendship between the cities of Mannheim and Beyoğlu/Istanbul. Further KUDEM and IFIS&IZ are delighted to have hosted the meeting at its conference hall and supports further cooperation of both cities in the fields  of culture, arts, music and science.

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