The IFIS&IZ al-Ghazzali Academy and the sponsor KUDEM are pleased to announce that the students have started with the book Risāla al-Wadʿiyya al-‘Aḍudiyya. The students of the ‘Classical-Islamic Madrasa Studies from an Academic Perspective in the European Context’ are now in the first semester of the fourth academic year pursuing their studies with the same great passion and determination as on day one.

The author ‘Aḍud al-Dīn al-‘Ījī (d. 756/1355) of the book Risāla al-Wadʿiyya al-‘Aḍudiyya has been a majör contributor in the field of the philosophy of language (‘Ilm al-waḍ’). ‘Aḍud al-Dīn al-‘Ījī (d. 756/1355) concentrated his efforts on the traditional methodological sciences like: the principles of religion (Uṣūl al-dīn), the principles of Islamic jurisprudence (Uṣūl al-fiqh), the principles of lexicography (Uṣūl al-lughah) and has produced many valuable works in these fields.

al-‘Ījī is recognized as the founder of the philosophy of the Arabic language in systematically investigating and compiling the scattered information concerning the related sciences. The book led to the emergence of an independent waḍ’ literature in the history of Islamic thought, and in time it became one of the essential books of its domain in the classical madrasah literature. In this famous treatise, which consists of three main sections, certain vocables (alfāẓ) and their possible meanings (maʿānī) in the Arabic language are delineated. However, not all the rules and principles of this science are covered in detail. The study of al-‘Ījī, which evaluates the information concerning the relationship between vocables and their meanings through ʿIlm al-waḍʿ, became later the basis of future research.

We pray to Allāh the All-Knowing, to help us grasp the subtleties within this book, and we ask Him to aid us to understand the Qur’ān and the Sunnah correctly. Āmīn!