The IFIS&IZ al-Ghazzali Academy, supported by KUDEM, is pleased to announce the beginning of the first semester of the fourth academic year of the Classic-Islamic Madrasa Studies from an academic perspective in the European context. The studies commenced with the book al-Isāg̲h̲ūd̲j̲ī (corr. The Isagoge) with great passion and determination as much as they did on day one.

al-Isāg̲h̲ūd̲j̲ī (also known as al-Risāla al-At̲h̲īriyya fī al-Manṭiḳ) has a privileged position in the Madrasa tradition. As the first book in the field of classical logic, which deals with the rules and measures that protect people from mistakes during their thinking processes and reasoning of an argument. At̲h̲īr al-Dīn Mufaḍḍal b. ʿUmar al-Abharī (d. 663/1265) made further contributions in the fields of philosophy, logic, astronomy and geometry.

al-Isāg̲h̲ūd̲j̲ī, which is highly valued by Logistics through history and has been subject to more than seventy commentaries. Designed as a textbook with a short length, it covers all the subjects and disciplines of logic. The basic concepts of the science of logic are described in concise sentences and enriched with simple examples to understand the subject clearly. This precious risāla is one of the prioritised primary logic texts in the Madrasa tradition to comprehend the science of logic and to serve as a means to understand the gigantic logic tradition that was formed over time.

We pray to Allāh the All-Knowing, to help us grasp the scientific subtleties within this book, and we ask Him to aid us to understand the Qur’ān and the Sunnah correctly. Āmīn!