The students of the IFIS&IZ al-Ghazzali Academy have started with another book called al-Waladiyya. The IFIS&IZ al-Ghazzali Academy is supported by KUDEM and hosts the fourth academic year of ‘Classical-Islamic Madrasa Studies from an Academic Perspective in the European Context’.

The book al-Waladiyya (also known as al-Risāla al-Waladiyya Fī Fann al-Munāẓara) was written by Sāğaqlīzāda Muḥammad al-Marʿašī (d. 1145/1732), one of the most prominent Ottoman Turkish scholars of the eighteenth century. This work has an important place within the Ottoman Madrasa curriculum, as it became a standard handbook in the discipline of debate which sets out certain rules and techniques of discussion that the parties should follow when participating in scientific discussions.

Sāğaqlīzāda, a scholar who has granted us many valuable works in several fields, designed his philosophy on the science of debate; which provides a methodological framework for discussion on all sciences especially religious sciences diverted into three main sections: definition (taʿrīf), division (taqsīm) and attestation (taṣdīq). In this concise study the main concepts of the concerning discipline are firmly discussed gradually and explained in a clear and  advisable manner, it is explained how to conduct a scientific discussion on any subject while following a strong scientific method. This valuable work, which has been largely used from the concepts of Arabic logic (manṭiq), played an important role by inspiring the works of later logicians interested in the discipline of debate.

We pray to Allāh the All-Knowing, to help us grasp the subtleties within this book and we ask Him to aid us understand the Qur’ān and the Sunnah correctly. Āmīn!